White River Golden Retriever Club is a group of Golden Retriever enthusiasts coming together due to our common interests. Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, WRGRC was founded in 1970. Since then, we have become a member club of the Golden Retriever Club of America and are AKC licensed club serving the greater Indiana area. WRGRC puts on specialty shows (conformation and obedience), Working Certificate/Working Certificate Excellent tests, tracking tests, and Fast CAT.

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Are  you interested in a Puppy? Please send a message to the WRGRC puppy referral person by completing the form below. Someone will get back with you with some recommendations!

Give us some information about you and your family that we can use to help match you with one of our reputable member breeders! This can be information like your family size, activity levels, interest in dog sports such as conformation, agility, and bird hunting, etc.

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Are  you interested in joining WRGRC? Please send us a message by completing the form below. You will be on the list to get notified about upcoming meetings and applications!