Goldens as Therapy Dogs

Goldens as Therapy Dogs

The club has several ways to bond with our dogs and therapy work is one of them.  It is a rewarding path to share our sweet, happy Goldens to enrich the lives of people; especially those who no longer have a dog due their living in an assisted living community.

I have seen special moments with those who get a visit just for a few minutes.  I personally have trained and registered three Goldens.  My first was Indy.  He was registered with a local group called Paws and Think and also Pet Partners.  I would take him to Joy’s house Indianapolis among many other venues. 

If you have an interest in learning more about therapy dog work, AKC has some good resources: On their site you will learn about the therapy dog organizations and their requirements, the Canine Good Citizen test, they also give the differences between a therapy dog and a service dog.

Indy visits young students at charter school in Indianapolis.  Teaching  students about dog training tools.

Then we got Gracie and she was a rock star when it came to helping those in need. She also was registered with Paws and Think and with a Christian organization called Canines for Christ. She went to Hoosier Village Health Center, Joy’s House, libraries, and schools Three years ago there was a shooting at a near by middle school. It was
incredibly traumatizing for the students there and we were asked to bring in our therapy dogs to bring a little comfort to the students and staff. It was a sad but a rewarding experience.