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White River Golden Retriever Club (WRGRC) makes every attempt to protect your privacy. In as much as HTTP protocol is used, some content is provided to the site by your computer which we would like to make known. This server receives a "User-Agent string" which typically provides information such as what operating system you are running, what browser you are requesting documents with, what rendering engine is used, etc. these are not sought, but are almost always provided to websites to make navigating the internet easier. We have no intention to use this data or make it available publically. If it is to be made publically available, there is undoubtably a good reason for it. WRGRC retains full rights to use this information as it seems fit.

Session cookies are used with this site in order to keep track if a particular user is logged on or not. This tracking is for the sole purpose of restricting access to certain parts of the site. The cookie used and is expired after the session is over (when you have shut down the browser), or 1 hour has elapsed, which ever is first. This cookie is not used to track navigation through the site. Your cookie is named PHPSESSID and contains no useful or sensitive information about you.

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